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  • How do I upload a video?

    Uploading a video into the Music Video Charts or Video Network is easy with BEAT100. All you have to do is go to the "Video Manager" tab at the top of the page and then you have the choice between uploaded your video file directly from your computer or via YouTube. To upload through YouTube, all you have to do is paste the video URL (from the share button) into the upload page and the rest is done for you. All you need to do is decide between whether to upload into the BEAT100 Music Video Chart or Video Network. BEAT100 recommends uploading videos into the Music Chart if you are a musician as you are guaranteed more exposure and recognition for your work.

    BEAT100 does not accept any offensive or spam based videos. All videos are manually approved by a member of the BEAT100 Team and will be denied if users attempt to upload inappropriate videos. BEAT100 is a family place and we pride ourselves on making it a friendly and fun experience for everyone.

  • What is the BEAT100 Music Video Chart?

    The BEAT100 Music Video Chart is a competition in which you can enter your videos and be rewarded in return. You can upload anything from pop to rock and will still have a fair chance at winning! All you have to do is click the "Video Manager" tab at the top of the page, then you can either upload your video directly onto BEAT100 or by pasting your YouTube URL.

    The BEAT100 Originals Music Video Chart and the BEAT100 Covers Music Video Chart are compiled every 14 days on alternating weeks and the top three winners of each chart will be featured in a worldwide press release. Your video will have a minimum of 28 days to reach the top place and will be removed when the chart is next compiled once you've passed that point. Your video will also be removed after 20 days if you have not reached 20 real votes. So, all you have to do now is upload, share and connect to boost your way to the top, so get voting now.

    Artists may only enter the music charts if they are over the age of 14. Parents or guardians may monitor these accounts, but cannot enter the chart in place of someone who is under the age of 14.

    Facebook: BEAT100
    Twitter: @BEAT100

  • Can I share everything with my friends on Facebook?

    Yes! We're hooked into Facebook and Twitter - and we're looking at other Social Networks too! Simply click on "Settings" on the top right hand corner (by your name), and then select the "Sharing" tab! You can now link your Facebook & Twitter profiles if you haven't already done on the settings page, making it easier for your fans and friends to find your page.

  • I'm concerned about Privacy, what do BEAT100 share?

    We're also very concerned about our user's privacy, and we want to make this a sociable, friendly and primarily safe place to be. By default, you only share anything other than basic details with "Friends Only" - and if you like you can completely hide yourself from new people. Simply visit the Privacy section, by selecting "Settings" at the top right of the website (by your name) then clicking on the Privacy Tab.

  • I uploaded a video, but I can't see it on the website?

    If you uploaded a particularly big video, it might just be taking some time to go through the encoding process. This shouldn't normally take too long, so it may also be that your video is awaiting approval. To ensure that our site stays as friendly to all ages as possible, we do need to verify all videos. Once you've uploaded 10 approved videos, you'll be automatically approved.

  • How do I close or deactivate my account?

    If you would like your account closed or deactivated, please email and we'll deactivate or delete your account for you. Make sure you include your email address and username in order to make the process easier. Thank you.

  • Trending Videos

    Trending videos are the most watched and talked about videos on BEAT100. We take all of the views, votes, likes, favorites and comments submitted over the last few days into consideration so the most popular videos go straight to the top!