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BEAT100 is the only social, music and video network that awards it's users with worldwide press releases! You can be a part of this by entering the BEAT100 Music Video Chart, as long as you keep it clean and submit your own work. All you need to do is gather votes!

The BEAT100 Music Video Chart's are for your videos. We're not interested in your favorite artist's latest video, we're interested in what you have got to show us. You might be a solo singer, a member of a band or ensemble or making your music electronically, everyone is welcome. Upload a video and enter it into the originals or covers music video charts to start collecting votes.

The World Music Charts Compiles Every 7 days on Monday at 12pm (GMT).
Every World Music Chart entry will get 4 full weeks in the chart (a minimum of 28 days). If you enter your video mid-week then the partial week is not counted towards your three weeks of chart duration. This means the maximum time a video will spend in the chart is 34 days.

Example 1: John enters his video on Monday Morning at 9am on 1st of July. The new chart starts at 12pm. His first full week finishes at 12pm on the 8th, the second on the 15th and his 4th and final week on the 29th in which his video is removed after spending 28 days in the chart.
Example 2: Jill enters her video on Tuesday evening at 10pm on the 1st of July. The new chart doesn't start until the following monday, so the first 6 days are not counted towards her chart duration. Jill completes her first full week on the 15th, her second on the 22nd and her forth and final week on the 5th of the following moth in where her video is removed after spending 34 days in the chart.
If a video has not received over 20 real votes (not including bonus votes), that video will be automatically removed after 20 days to keep the chart fresh and current for viewers. Remember be active, vote and share your own video daily.

BEAT100 members are able to vote for as many videos as they wish and can vote every 24 hours on the same video should they wish to. BEAT100 requires users to sign up before voting for a video in order to monitor cheating and calculate the votes effectively and accurately.

Once the world music charts are compiled each week, all of the votes are verified. If a user is found to be cheating, they will immediately be excluded from the current chart competition and will have their account blocked. If two videos end up having the same amount of votes, the outcome of the competition will then boil down to which video gained the most views. The winning videos, once verified, will head onto a section of the BEAT100 ‘Winners page’, where they will be exhibited for all users to check out.

Winning artists receive worldwide press releases. An email will be sent out to all BEAT100 members informing them of the winners every month.

The top three chart winners each week will not be able to re-enter the chart for one full month after their win.

Users may use BEAT100's premium promotional packages to promote their music chart videos and gain further exposure. To learn more about these packages, click here.

Duration in Chart:

  • BEAT100 World Music Video Chart runs for 7 days and is compiled every Monday at 12pm (GMT).

  • Videos remain in the chart until they get a TOP 3 Chart Position or complete 4 full weeks. This means the minimum time in the charts is 28 days.

  • When your video exists in the charts it will remain within the video network for others to view.

  • Only one chart entry per user will be admitted at any one time into the charts.

  • Once your video has finished its time in the chart, you may re-enter the same video as long as you didn’t finish in a TOP 3 position. However, your votes will be renewed and will not be carried over from your last chart entry.

  • If you finish in a top three chart position, you will not be allowed to re-enter the chat for 1 full month.

Only suitable videos may be entered into the BEAT100 Music Video Chart. A suitable video is defined as:

  • Must contain a music track with an accompanying video.

  • Must have correct permissions.

  • Must not contain gratuitous or explicit scenes of sex, nudity, drugs, violence or other adult only themes.

  • Must not violate any other conditions set out by these Terms and Conditions or those set under British Law.

  • Is deemed of suitable quality by an administrator.

  • Users under the age of 13 may enter the chart but must have a parent or guardian administrating the account on their behalf.

Only one video upload, per user, will be permitted into the chart at any one time. If more than one video enters the charts, the user must choose to remove any additional video uploads so that only one video upload remains in the charts. This rule is set to ensure fairness. However, users can upload multiple videos into the BEAT100 Video Network and move them into the chart at any time as long as it is the sole video in the chart from that user.

BEAT100 Administrators view each chart entry to check the conditions above are met. You may appeal this decision by contacting BEAT100 directly but the BEAT100 administrator will have the final say in this matter. 

Voting rules:

  • You may only vote once for each video per day (every 24 hours). Remember be active, vote and share daily.

  • You may only use a single account to vote, duplicate accounts will be automatically deleted and illegitimate votes removed without warning.

  • You must not spam other users video uploads with your own video links. This will result in any comments and your own video entry being removed from the chart.

  • Any chart entrant found to be using prohibited methods to increase their votes will have their video removed from the chart and their account suspended or terminated.

  • Each user may only be awarded a maximum of one prize per chart.

  • BEAT100 retains the right to modify the chart rules and prize pools without notice.

You may promote your own video but please be aware that BEAT100 strictly prohibits the following actions:

  • Posting frequent and identical comments or messages on the public network requesting users vote for a particular video.

  • Posting requests for other users to engage in "vote for vote" trades between videos. Votes are designed to represent the quality of a video and are not a commodity to be traded.

  • Harassing individual users with votes requests.

BEAT100 Administrators view each chart entry to check the conditions above are met. BEAT100 administrator always has the final say.

Top Tip!

Getting to the No 1 spot. You'll need to promote and share your video so make sure to check out the "Promote Video" section of your video upload section.

Make this a fun experience
Whilst providing this music chart free of charge to all our users, BEAT00 strives to be as fair as possible. Anyone found abusing the system will be immediately disqualified from the chart, all awards will be canceled and their account will be removed. In this case our decision is final.