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The "Video Manager" page gives you the tools to upload your own YouTube and videos into BEAT100 Music Video Chart or Video Network. It also lets you promote, edit your videos and share them with your friends and fans.

Looking to upload your first video? Follow this step by step guide:
1. Firstly, decide whether you want to enter your video into the BEAT100 Music Video Chart or Video Network, taking into account that you can only upload one video into the chart at a time. If you want to upload more videos, you can upload your others into the Video Network for now then move them into the chart when your other video has finished.
2. Choose a sub category that best fits your video, whether it be a music genre e.g. acoustic, pop or rap, or entertainment category e.g. sport, entertainment or comedy. You will not be penalised if your video is in the incorrect sub category, although it may make it a little harder for other users to find.
3. You can now either upload your video by clicking "Choose File" and uploading it directly from your computer, or by pasting your YouTube URL from the share button on your video into the given box.
3. Now enter the title, details and tags that relate to your video. Keep titles short and to the point, and leave any additional information for the details box. Tags are keywords about your video, you can specify as many as you like and be sure to separate them with commas (,).
5. Once you have selected your file and entered all your details, you have two choices. If you wish to place your video straight into the charts click the large blue button. If you wish to leave your video out of the charts for the moment (you can enter it later), or you are uploading a social video, click the smaller red button.
6. Clicking an upload button will start the upload and then just follow the on screen instructions!
Manage your Existing Videos
You can manage your existing videos via the "Your Videos" section below the upload screen. All of your videos will be listed here, including their current statistics and chart position. You can use the controls to the right of each video to edit details, enter chart or remove if it is unwanted.