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BEAT100 is a platform for users to expose their strengths, socialise with friends and make new connections all in one place..

A great way to start socialising with friends is by entering your Facebook and Twitter URL’s into your BEAT100 settings, allowing users to find your profile more easily on other social networks.

This feature leads to more likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter, meaning a larger fan base for users! Not only does BEAT100 benefit your current social networking pages, but it also includes a social network of its own, enabling users to add friends, make connections and share posts with each other on the site. The social network includes My Profile, My Wall, Public Wall. Each of these pages includes a different function, enabling users to organise their posts.

The My Profile page will be a personal page for each user, meaning they can only see their own status updates, posts and their friend’s posts on their wall. The My Feed page then allows users to view separate posts from their friends, including status updates,and videos. The Public Wall will include posts from everyone using BEAT100 who wishes to make a particular post public, therefore gaining a much larger audience on anything they wish to. 

Please view our help pages to get started.

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