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BEAT100 Lifestyle Video Chart

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COMING SOON: The BEAT100 Lifestyle Video Chart

Not only does BEAT100 include a Music Video Chart where musicians can be seen, heard and rewarded for their talent, but BEAT100 will soon also be introducing a lifestyle chart where sportsmen, film makers and entertainers can also enter their talents into a chart. The lifestyle chart system will work in the same way as the music video chart; a two-weekly chart in which users with the highest number of votes will win cash prizes and a worldwide press release.

You will be able to enter the chart at any time and start collecting votes, ready for when the charts are compiled every 14 days. Your votes are carried over to the next chart, but will be removed if you have passed the 35 day mark when a chart is compiled. Your video will never be removed mid-way through a chart, giving everyone an equal chance of winning. However, your video will be removed from the chart if you have not received more than 20 real votes in 20 days.

It's important to get votes as the more votes you get the higher your video will rank in the chart. BEAT100 members may vote on your video, but can only vote on each video once every 24 hours. Users can vote on as many videos as you like so don’t forget to vote for your friends and get them to vote for you!

Top Tip!

1. When you add a video to the charts you will have a minimum of 35 days to achieve one of the top three positions to win cash.

2. Promote your video to family, friends and fans, and post a link on your Facebook or Twitter accounts requesting votes and support.

3. The more friends you connect with, the better chance you have of winning. Good luck!

Make this a fun experience

If your video reaches any of the top three places when the chart is compiled at the end of the two weeks, it will automatically be removed from the chart and archived. Each video will only ever win a maximum of one prize. If you reach fourth or fifth place at the end of a chart, you will receive bonus votes ready for the next chart competition.

BEAT100 users can also gain extra votes by linking their videos to their Facebook and Twitter pages, resulting in more people seeing your video! Get friends, family and fans to sign up to BEAT100 and vote for your videos to help you get to the #1 spot! It is also a good idea to connect with other users on BEAT100 in order to receive the maximum amount of votes possible by using the BEAT100 Social Network and features.

Whilst providing this chart free of charge to all our users, BEAT100 strives to be as fair as possible. Anyone found abusing the system will be immediately disqualified from the chart, all unpaid prizes will be canceled and their account will be removed. In this case our decision is final.