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BEAT100 is a music video and social network, which has been designed and developed in-house, to give musicians, music lovers, friends and fans a place to connect. BEAT100 provides a social music and video network for independent music, bands, musicians, fans, venues, labels, and industry professionals to share, collaborate and communicate.

Why Join BEAT100

  • Create your own profile and URL for publishing your video content
  • Upload videos direct or share your YouTube videos and SoundCloud Music for free
  • Increase your YouTube video views
  • Increase your Soundcloud plays
  • Increase your Facebook and Twitter followers
  • Earn credits to boost your videos, facebook and twitter pages for free 
  • Compete in the weekly BEAT100 world music charts
  • Win music awards for your videos
  • Win Free worldwide press releases
  • Like, vote for videos with a single click
  • Follow other users, be the first to view new content
  • Comment on videos to interact, collaborate, and provide feedback to other BEAT100 users
  • Share content and connect with other social networks you’re logged into
  • Receive notifications and be among the first to know about new features
  • For music lovers. BEAT100 is a great place where you get to connect direct to bands
  • Gain Millions of potential views and followers


BEAT100 is the perfect platform for musicians to promote their music and make new connections in the music industry. Although social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow musicians to promote their music, BEAT100 offers a whole new database of people to connect with. The BEAT100 Music Video Chart allows musicians to upload their videos and gain more views and rewards for their hard work.  Every 7 days, the World Music Video Chart is compiled and the Top 10 winners are rewarded with prizes and a worldwide press release. BEAT100 believes that good music should be heard by as many listeners as possible and will ensure this happens.  

Musicians can also receive BEAT100 Awards for their uploaded videos, whether it’s for a well-written original song, high quality video or an impressive performance. Users can also win the ultimate BEAT100 Favourite Video Award for a video that has thoroughly impressed the team here at BEAT100.


BEAT100 is perfect for users who are looking to socialise with new or current friends. Unlike Facebook, BEAT100 makes it easy for users to make new friends who have similar interests to them. Post status’ on the BEAT100 Social Wall, share pictures and videos with friends and fans, and use live chat or private messaging to connect with the people who matter most.


BEAT100 offers the perfect set up for fans to support their favourite artists and to find new music and bands to listen to. Everyone is able to vote every 24 hours on each video so support is essential for these aspiring artists.  BEAT100 also features a ‘Bands’ page which enables users to check out new bands and listen to their uploaded MP3s. The ‘Events’ page also allows users to check which bands are playing locally and when to ensure they never miss out on their favourite band playing a gig!


BEAT100 is also a great place for other users to uploaded videos to the BEAT100 Video Network of absolutely anything! We get a massive range of video uploads from comedy & blogs to sport! BEAT100 holds no limits and is a place for everyone to enjoy our great features to their full potential.

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